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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ropics and let you know what igor is up to in the tropics. right now, to the news desk. >> our big story this morning, we're learning more about the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> this morning we hear the frantic 911 call when a gentleman shot his mother and a doctor. we hear the frantic 91 calls. all of the calls are from eitheror patients or -- are from either patients or employees. >> 911, shooting at nelson 8. >> ok. miss, calm down. has anybody been shot? >> i don't know. we hurry and shut the door. we heard gunshots.
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>> it is another look at what happened when paul pardus shot david cohen and then his mother and himself. >> we heard people screaming, and we're barricaded in the room. >> commissioner fred bealefeld said today hospital officials and police are investigating pardus' history and trying to determine if crucial details were overlooked. >> is there some communication between a family member that we missed, is there some communication between satisfy, and these are things harriett hopkins is going to examine. >> on the johns hopkins staff today, things seemed back to normal. they talked about the shooting in class and used it as a teaching tool. >> not just in terms of talking to your patients, but in terms of around campus, how can we
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protect ourselves and also maintain integrity. >> city police are investigating a family fight between an aunt and her niece that was so brutal it left one of them dead. officers were called to the 1600 block of north stricker street. injuries to the aunt was so bad she was taken hot hospital where she later died. police are still investigating this case. >> m.t.a. police are investigating a triple stabbing on the m.t.a. bus. the call came in at the intersection of university road and reisterstown. a fight broke out on the bus which left three people with stab wounds. >> there are officers here scheduled for their regular after-school duty. people on the bus were alerting. the officers were able to board the bus and get the individuals off. >> two men were taken to sinai
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hospital. all the victims are expected to survive. >> another stabbing to report, and police are asking for your help in finding the suspects. they have released a surveillance photo in hopes of identifying the suspects. it happened at the power plant. if you recognize the man in the photo, you are asked to call the baltimore city police. >> testimony continues in the trial of three men accused in the murder of ken harris. much focused on discrepancy in prior statements. barry sims has the latest from the court house. >> former new haven lounge employee not only had to talk about how frightened she was, she also had to explain differences in her testimony friday and past statements she made to police. gary collins and two others are charged with the murder of
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harris when he tried to leave. prosecutors are relying on d.n.a. evidence and believe they wore gloves to hide evidence. the defense attorney wants to know why she did not mention the defendants having gloves on their hands. >> she said did they wear gloves, no. she never brought up the perpetrateers had gloves until a year later. they asked, and they didn't say anything about it. >> prosecutors believe the security officers who saw surveillance video can identify gary collins as one of the officers. the officer claims collins has a distinct walk. they asked her about a funny walking suspect. >> she made it clear she saw the person enter the bar and then walk all the way around, and she told the police in her original statement this person had no particular limp or weird hitch
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about his walk. she was clear about that in her statement. on the stand, she kind of forgot about that. >> she described her tror during the robbery saying, i thought i was going to die. she said during the police interview, i had just been robbed, i was very upset. i learned someone had gotten murder. >> police covered bandanas used in the robbery. they said they did not initially ask her about the robberies. >> i found it odd they talked to her the morning of the incident. then two days after they brought her through going through items of what was hers and what wasn't hers. they talked about the gloves, shoes, the .9 millimeter casing but never these ban danias -- bandanas they claimed were in the purse. i wonder why they never asked her. >> not guilty, that's the plea from the state senator. he a-- curry appeared on charges
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of bribery and extortion. he's acudes of illegally using his influence to buy a grocery store chain. he has stepped down, but still a senator. he's running unopposed in november's general election. >> with no republican opponent in the general election, greg bernstein will likely be the new states attorney. yesterday patricia jessamy conceded the bitterly fought race. david collins has more on bernstein's plans on a transition. >> dwreg greg bernstein wade -- greg bernstein waded through a large crowd to say thank you from the spot he announced his canned -- candidacy. >> because people are ready for
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a change and ready for a fresh approach at tackling the violence in baltimore. >> opposition -- he claimed racial politics would trump a tough discussion of the issues. he promised to work with the police and the judiciary and public defenders office and promised the first thing the public will notice is how transparent his office will be. >> i ran for this office because i believe public safety is one of our most important rights and everyone, regardless of who they are, has the right to feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods. >> pat jessamy was the city's top prosecutor for 15 years. her eyes filled with tears. she accepted defeat graciously. she said she is not going quietly into the night, but she is moving forward. >> we cannot arrest and convict our way out of our current predicament. >> jessamy will volunteer her
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services for something called the fifth sunday violence initiative. >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside-out, working with children, and making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded killers who are continuing a cycle of violence. >> jessamy says her legacy in office influenced national policy. she changed the crime-fighting focus from corner drug dealing to violent criminals. she created a drug initiative, wrote the witness intimidation laws now on the books, created a community prosecution initiative. >> i promise that i will plan to do my best to fairly make the -- >> bernstein said he plans to be the public face of the office. after down time, he plans to
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begin winding down his private law practice, looking into an audit of the state's attorneys office, all the while hoping to restore faith, he says, many people lost in the criminal justice system. in north baltimore, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> voter turnout in maryland's primary appears to have been the lowest on record. the maryland state board of electrics reports polling places turn out to be 24%, that's 2.4% during early voting and 21.6% on election day. montgomery county had the lowest turnout. garrett county had the highest turnout with nearly 40%. >> what do you think will improve voter turnout or is it a lost cause? become a fan and leave comments on our facebook page on updates of >> a programming note, senator ben cardin will be our guest on
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11 news. e-mail your questions to sundayquestions @ >> it is 6:10 in the morning. if are you looking for a job, you are not alone. >> voting is one of those issues few people want to talk about. what a local high school is doing to prevent the problem. >> tony up next with your insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> a beautiful shot downtown with the stadium lights on. 60 at the airport, 59 at the inner harbor. it is a sign we will wiped up with decent weather when the barometric pressure is that high. by the time it gets to the afternoon, temperatures will climb into the upper 70's later on. it is chillingy now. 49 in tawnytown. 65 in perryman. clear skies. a little cloud cover up in
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pennsylvania. most of that will stay north of us. some high, thin clouds will stay west of us. it will make for a sunrise. all the rain is off to our northwest. there is a cold front coming across the great lakes that will come through sunday night and maybe give us a brief shower. here is something interesting for you. the first time this weekend i've seen snow show up on the radar. temperatures around the 30's around the u.s.-canadian border. this front will come through tomorrow night with the possibility of a couple light showers or sprinkles. a high pressure will give us sunshine today and keep temperatures in the upper 70's. i'll show you the seven-day forecast and give you an update on hurricane igor. it looks like the eye of the storm will come close to bermuda tomorrow night. there will be damage unfortunately on the island.
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it will cause big waves and dangerous rip currents along the del marva beaches as well. we'll make it into the upper 70's, maybe near 08 this afternoon. sunrise near 60. clear tonight, cool, temperatures dropping back into the 50's again. winds light and variable. sunset at 10 minutes. high temperatures will be in the upper 70's and low l 0's. the front will come through sunday night, but it will be dry during the day on sunday. nice start to the workweek monday and tuesday, and at the end of the week, summer tries to compum back with temperatures in the 80's. scattered thunderstorms wednesday, thursday, and friday. send it to the news desk. >> administrators at one baltimore county high school say they want to head off campus bullying before it begins. >> principles and staff members
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are trying to drive home the message that it will not be tolerated. tim tooten has that story. >> they will be the first to tell you that bullying has become a problem. >> it is in the schools and communities and everywhere. >> the skull has organized anti-bullying on campus for parents of middle and elementary-aged children. >> you shouldn't be able to come to school because of other people. >> administrators are hoping to sent a message to the students at kenwood. >> they are probably more prone to it, be -- i think freshmen are probably more prone to it. >> cyber-bullying may prove to be one of the hot topics. >> if you say something over an internet, it is just as if you are yelling in someone's face, not just over a computer, and you can be hurt by that.
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>> school officials say when it comes to bullying, the buck should stop at home with parents. >> parents need to know what their kids are doing all the time. they need to know what are their dids involved in when they are on that -- kids involved in when they are on the internet. what are they saying? who is talking to them? >> and at marchedive -- the administration hopes they can help play a role in solving the problem. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a national blog lists local bullies on its top 10 dangerous list. go to and click on "consumer" to see if your school is listed as dangerous. >> forbes magazine has the list of the best cities for job makers. >> and the credit card scam. >> then a week for wine lovers. >> you can buy hundreds of maryland wines all in one place.
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>> in this morning's consumer alert, good news for marylanders who had trouble getting high-speed internet. governor o'malley announced plans to bri high-speed
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internet to under-served businesses and homes across the state. >> we must be connected to one another. we must be better connect today our customers. we must be better connected to our institutions, our businesses, our community colleges, because it is through those connections that we fuel this innovative economy that is maryland. >> the money from the grant came from federal stimulus funds. they suspect it will create 1,600 new jobs. >> speaking of jobs, if you are in for one, you might want to go south. forbes magazine has come out with its top eight cities for jobs, and most were southern cities. topping the list, rally north carolina with washington, d.c. also greenville, south carolina, and little rock arkansas came in seventh. eighth the on the list, charlotte, north carolina. charlotte is the second largest
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banking industry in the u.s. >> share oled holders in continental airlines have approved combining the two companies. the deal with combine the two airlines. the stock swap is specked to close in the next three weeks. share holders will own 95% of the new company which will be called continental holding. it will be based in chicago, the u.s., and regulators -- review plans. >> according to ohio's attorney attorney, telecommunications -- telemarketters are calling saying they want to know if people want to switch their credit card to cut interest rates. they charge hundreds of dollars to supposedly cut their interest rates. hang up on your telemarketters
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and call your credit card company and ask for a reduction yourself. >> more news coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> it is your chance to try different wines.
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the maryland wine festival begins, and many wine companies are weighing. >> off nicadimas road is a wine ri. a dream come true for the couple who were amateur wine makers before he retired from the coast guard. >> in my mind, about 1 hundred hookup snakes snakes came out. realistcally there were probably two or three. it stuck with me that day. >> in producing quality wine. it won best blend in the governor's competition. the two-day event at the carroll county wine museum will draw wine rizz from all over the state and give wine rizz like serpant ridge valuable exposure. >> and have people coming from
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all over the state giving us exposure. it is a huge boost for our business. >> people are counting 250 wines to dry. >> the executive director of the american wine association. he says this year there will be 38 wine rizz at the festival, including five newly opened. with admission, you get this tasting glass. for $30 more, you get a bigger glass and access to the premiere tent. >> library wines, maryland cabernets, which we're thrilled about. in addition to that, there are wine rizz that are only in the premiere tent this year. >> this will draw over 20,000 people to the grounts of the farm museum from every state and from around the world. it has something for everyone. >> there are 80 food and craft stands. we have entertainment. we have rock 'n' roll. >> we are growing at producing world class wines here in maryland.
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you know, i am excited to be part of it, that the industry had started to take off. pldmd is on -- maryland is on the map. >> it sure is. maryland has great wine. it is a one-stop shop when it comes to sampling maryland wines . it is today and tomorrow. >> so if people see you out there dancing to the rock 'n' roll, move on. >> it will be fun. i will be there around 2:00 this afternoon. >> it is 64 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> including what happened when police officers were making an arrest that has animal control investigating. >> a toddler rescued from high-speed traffic. that story when we come back.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. first, a look outside with tony. it is a little chilly. >> but nice. the skies are clear. temperatures in the upper 40's and low 50's. it is going to warm up quickly. let's take a look at some of these temperatures. 48 in frederick. 60 in annapolis. the forecast as we head into the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. temperatures will make it into the upper 70's. we'll look at the seven-day forecast. for now, over to the news desk.
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>> killed in action, john berner . he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> a man killed in a car accident. he was rushed to hopkins hospital. the driver said at -- stayed at the scene. the accident is under investigation. >> officers in the city say they were forced to shoot a pit bull while making an arrest at the western district police station. sky was over the scene. the dog became aggressive while officers were taking him -- a suspect into custody. the dog is recovering and animal control is investigating. >> an unbelievable sight in turkey. a toddler sitting on a highway
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unaware of the danger. drivers speeded past, and finally a truck driver saw the child and stopped traffic. the mother ran onto the freeway to pick him up. >> pope ben ticket on a state visit to the u.k. five men arrested in plotting against the pope. one other man later in the day at his home. a vatican spokesperson said the pope was calm after being informed of the threat and scheduled no changes. >> it was all a hoax. that's what washington state police are saying about the woman who claimed she was a victim of an acid attack. she admits she made the whole story up and the burns she suffered were self-inflicted.
6:34 am
over the course of the investigation, several discrepancies surfaced. he then executed a search warrant. they received a number of items and questioned her. it was then that she confessed to making it all up. >> we have seen the pictures, and we have all had things, we look at the pattern, we look at the time of night, would people be wearing sunglasses, et cetera. it was all the things that didn't quite add up. >> she originally told police that she was attacked by an african-american woman. she tells police she was extremely upstet and very remorsefulful -- remorseful. despite the regret, she could face criminal charges. >> lohan confirmed on her twitter page that she failed court-ordered drug and alcohol screening. in a series of posts she said she she's prepared to face the consequence yes of her actions. in july she was sentenced to
6:35 am
three months in jail followed by three months of rehab for probation violations. >> meanwhile, socialite paris hilton will not spend time in jail on charges. a plea deal has been worked out by prosecutors that will keep her out of jail for agreeing to plea guilty for two misdemeanors stemming from the august 27 arrest. she was arrested after police say a small plastic bag fell out of her purse. with the guilty -- >> she's girls can get their act together. nbc's new fall season launches monday night. >> we're going to head to the gulf where oil giant bp said drews are working to seal the blown-out well. >> hurricane igor heading toward bermuda. we'll talk about that and check the sev
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:38. the barometric pressure at 30.22. a nice day. a little chilly to start. temperatures jump into the upper 80's. maybe you want to take a light jacket early in the morning. 50 in parkton. 40 in the northwest suburbs. 48 in frederick. we are just picking up a few high, thin clouds in southern men pennsylvania. most of our rain to the northwest. portions of the midwest around milwaukee. this will come through tomorrow night with the possibility of a
6:39 am
brief shower, maybe sprinkles 678 -- sprinkles. one item of interest, you can see white and blue. a sign we're changing seasons here. this cold front will come through with a chance for a little rain. it will be dry during the day on sunday. in the short term, this area of high pressure will give us a quiet day. first i want to give you an update on the tropics. hurricane igor, still a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 102 miles per hour. the eye of the storm will pass over the island tomorrow night and probably still a category 1 or 2 storm. hurricane warnings in effect. along the delmarva, dangerous rains and rip currents could come through. it mostly sunny.
6:40 am
that's our forecast for today. light north-northeast wind 5 to 10. sunrise coming up in about 10 minutes at 6:50. mostly clear and cool again. temperatures drop back to between 51 and 61 near the water. sunset at 7:10. seven-day forecast, it should be dry during the debate today, but there is a chance for a little bit of rain. the high near 82. upper 70's and low 80's. then it gets warm. at the end of the week, almost summer like with high temperatures in the mid 80's, and a chance of a few scatered showers and thunderstorms. i'll send it over to the news desk. >> this could be the day that bp's blown out gulf of mexico oil spill officially dies. crews are pumping cement
6:41 am
thousands of feet below the sea level to cap the well. >> 150 days after oil first flowed into the gulf, cement started in what has been a month-long effort to seal the well from the bottom up. while the well first exploded april 20, many here say they have been dying a slow death for months. what was once a vibrant fishing community now getting by on a clean-up effort, and that oil still washes ashore. more than 25,000 gallons of is corrected just this week in louisiana. >> for us, we have a long road
6:42 am
ahead of us. leaving folks here calling for more tests that the -- while today's sealing of the well is without a doubt a milestone, here it is still but one step. >> what i hope for now is that bp doesn't take off but they -- but they stay stay until this is cleaned up. >> bp does face billions of dollars in fines and the possibility of criminal prosecution. the company said it will stay here through the clean-up. what it has not said is that it would rule out tapping into that reservoir through another well in the future.
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>> welcome back. charles harris is joining us to talk about training.
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you brought us this lovely lady. >> this is tamika. she usually comes when we do extreme out-of-the-box exercises. we're going to explain how to work out without a partner but still get the same results and maximize your work-out. first we're using upper body exercises. i weigh 185. >> only a guy would admit what he weighs. a woman would never do that. to simply go on -- i want to add my resistance. this is a good way for me to watch my technique as well. i can shift my body weight to give her more resistance on the right and left. >> this is baby weight for her. she normally lifts a lot heavier than this.
6:47 am
this is one exercise. now, the next exercise that we're going to do is for your hamsfrinks strings, your back, and your chest. so you simply go down and walk your hands out, and this is a really good core exercise, too, so she can go town and do three push-ups. >> this is the real deal. >> i come back, legs straight, core tight >> and this is mimicking some of the exercises you can do at a gym. >> you get a full-body push-up. >> are the knees ok? >> you can do it on your knees. >> it is better than nothing, right. it is better to do three push-ups the real way instead of doing 20 on your knees. >> that's a good point to start off on your knees. >> you want to set yourself up for success. >> the latest exercise will be
6:48 am
extreme. are you taking notes? i want you to try this. >> i'm going to the wine festival. >> this is triceps, abdominals, legs. stand up and push, and that's a 10-pound weight, so you can use an eight, 10-pound weight. >> not using anying but her own core body to lift her up. that's excellent. >> that's pretty much what we have for you today. this is three routines that you will have before you work out or at the end of your work out to mix it up and use your body like a machine. >> examine talk about the importance of working out with a buddy, especially if you have motivation issues. >> and once again, a person can watch your technique and make sure you are doing your form right. make you do that extra rep when you don't feel like doing it yourself. >> if you would like to get in touch with charles, check out
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his web site at 442-353-0590. and please stay with us. tony has another look at your forecast. first, a look at what's dumbing up next on the "today" show. >> sarah palin appeared last night a a major republican event in the key state of iowa. we'll tell what you she had to say. >> and hurricane igor is intensifying in the atlantic and heading straight for bermuda. we'll be live from the island for what could be a direct hit. >> then a case of bullying led the father of one young teen to take matters into his own hand and got him selves arrested. we'll find out what he did when he confronted his daughter's alleged bullies on the school bus. >> and lindsey lohan. she failed her first drug ass test. what does this mean for the troubled star let?
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>> got to love saturdays in september. great college football. maryland at west virginia. see if they can get it done. spaleding playing host to the --
6:53 am
spalding playing host to loyola. 14-0. here come the crusaders. right off the middle, even good blocking. and made in the second quarter, a moment that just will shake you a little bit. he never saw that hit coming. on the blitz. properly ruled an incomplete pass. fortunately the young man able to get up and walk off on his own power. the win 49, 21. howard county friday afternoon. river hill playing host to long reach. we go to the first.
6:54 am
wells off to the right side. modesco to reed. it looks like he had it. somehow he didn't. reed makes the catch. catch of the day. third quarter, same score, griffin trying to change that. in deed, he does. river hill continues to dominate. howard county, 41-6. engineers doing a number on lake criminaliston. darlede milbourne. to the races on the outside. 28 yards. touchdown is repeated many times on friday evening for the engineers. even when they seemed a bit confused. on the return. chapel. he gets the crowd. he goes nuts. he goes weaving his wait beautifully into the touchdown. 47 yards there. good measure, gabriel.
6:55 am
oh, my, nice move. on the mound. kicking off a three-game set. with the yankees. he gets a little bit of run support, too. bottom of four. one-run game. going to right field. his 19th of the season. 2-1. orioles in front. we move to the ninth. 1-2 count. alex rodriguez. going back to the disabled list in to close. called a strike. sometimes called a ball. buck showalter probably had a -- yes, a three-run heart-breaking shot crushed to left.
6:56 am
rodriguez hit all the home runs in the game. 4-3 was your final. i'm pete gilbert. see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> several new shows on tap including "the event" and "chase" on monday night. >> all right. echos on the season premiere of "chuck." >> not really, he's playing a russian bad guy. for the actor maybe best known as ivan drago, it is a good way to shake things up. >> i have not done comedy, so for me it is fun to go back and revisit the russian killing machine but have fun with it.
6:57 am
>> "biggest loser" is back and trying to find contestants for season 10. want toub one of seven to compete. >> i want to lose 50% of my body weight. it is going to be tough. >> "biggest loser" gets that point across. >> i think contestants feel they know what's up and think they understand the show, but they really don't. >> understanding the criminal mind remains the challenge on "law and order" s.v.u. >> the laws didn't help you any. >> a suspected preditor in a two-part episode. >> it is such a tab ewe subject nobody talks -- tabu subject nobody talks about. >> season 12 starts wednesday night. y don't think we're ever going
6:58 am
to find -- >> maybe if you watch long enough. >> maybe in five years you'll find out. >> at the end of the series you'll know. >> let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. i think you're going to like this. overall, it looks like a nice weekend. maybe rain sunday night. >> that's all the time we have for now. "today" show is back in 25 minutes. -- the "today show" is up next, and we'll be back
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